Jerith's homepage -- He is my mentor

Karnaugh's Blog.

The Beadless prophet aka Ralph Moritz. He is our local version of Richard Stallman


Schlock Mercenary -- Nothing better than some schlock to cheer yourself up when life seems to suck

Cyanide and Happiness -- Bloddy good. Not something to read if you are easily offended.


The Open Project.

Hamnet KZN Division

South Africa Radio League


TOP -- Library for eagle cad of my own components

Durban Wireless Community

Geek Freedom Leauge

Other Random Stuff

DCODCO, One of the orchestras I play in.

Kwazulu-Natal Youth Wind Band, The windband I play in. Bloody nice

CVM -- Center for visual Methodologies -- a project where I do the tech shit

Astro-Theology, My dads website, from before he passed away. Many interesting books avaliable

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